Allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Christopher Francis and I'm a writer. Except when I'm not. 

There's an eternal dilemma in the world of the writer, where writing is the best and easiest thing in the world...but you just have to get there first. It's easier for some, Stephen King writes all the goddamn time, yet another year goes by while people ponder on whether there will be a new George R. R. Martin book.

I'm more towards George R. R. Martin. Except nowhere near as talented just yet, nor a master of re-writing and re-contextualising actual history into fictional history with more dragons and eunuchs. 

In an effort to hone my craft and be more like Stephen King - except nowhere near as talented just yet, nor a master of writing about Maine - I have taken the arbitrary reset button of another January to make another blog on another website to try and stick with it this time. 

It's better than a new diet, because as you will see...I love my burgers, and I love food in general. So look out for updates about that.

There will mostly (he says, having not written any blog posts yet) be posts about film and other media, but there will be general free reign on my musings in this writing space. 

Odds are you'll also be seeing more and more of my creative writing - past and present with hints of the future. You'll most likely see my "Writing Samples" section slowly grow with more examples being added as time goes by. 

There's a lot of words in me, but let's just start simple:

Hello. Let's go on an adventure.