The Binary Bounty (eBook)

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The Binary Bounty (eBook)


"So we have a bounty hunter than never kills, a bounty hunter who sometimes kills, a fugitive who loves to kill, and a princess whom everyone she's ever loved has been killed. What's next, a prisoner prince who kills bounty hunters?"

"Close. An ex-girlfriend."

"Oh, so a four-eyed orange alien who'll only want to kill you. Fantastic."

"It's four arms, but I see your point."

Brandon Falcon - Captain of the Second Chance in the Year 2269 - is a bounty hunter on a mission. His latest score turned out to be something he didn't sign up for. With the chips down, the odds against him, and with the influence of Saturday morning cartoons from the Earth of 250 years ago, he’ll soon be ready for something bigger: War.

Or at least: Revenge, redemption, and a big damn payout. 

The Binary Bounty is a galaxy-spanning space opera where the needs of adventure and excitement are greatly satisfied. Inventive characters, dynamic relationships, and rapier wit are abound in a universe where the only limit is how much ammo someone has in their gun and how much hyperdrive is left in their ship.

The third book by Christopher Francis, The Binary Bounty is a rip-roaring journey through space packed with action, comedy, and people who just love to shoot first.

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